Cookie Press Cookies – The Perennial Christmas Cookie

You’ve spent the time and effort to bake your scrumptious homemade cookie gifts, now it’s time to package deal them!

Don’t ruin all of your difficult paintings with uninteresting cookie packing containers and packaging thoughts.

You need cookie items that say “Yummy!” – Perception is the whole lot!

First impressions are truly vital. So it’s unavoidable which you make a touch effort to bundle your property-baked treats.

But in which do you begin? Here it is…


Think about what the theme is on your cookie present programs. For example, it’s far a birthday present or for Christmas vacation giving? Perhaps it is for your Valentine? Use the subject matter to your packaging.


What are the principle flavors or the cookie components you used? Apply this detail to help beautify the aroma that you can want to portray in your cookie packing containers or programs.


Are your cookies fragile? Or do they need to lactation cookies be air-tight and saved in the fridge? Consider using as an instance, zip seal baggage, if necessary.


Always clean any used containers (or even save-bought new bins) and dry earlier than the usage of.

When redecorating your applications, make sure to use meals secure objects. Eg. Don’t use glues in which cookies may be in contact. Consider the point that your cookie present recipient may not always be as cautious as you while changing cookies lower back into containers. Think from their point of view and see whether there’s an alternative method for better hygiene.

With that said and achieved, here are your “eight Yummy Creative Package Ideas”:


“The Coffee Cup”

You may additionally have visible a similar concept earlier than, the usage of a mug or espresso cup, but this is actually a superb idea as people accomplice coffee cups with aroma.

Whether or not it’s espresso or tea, this idea spells: ‘Good instances with a friend over a cup of coffee/tea and a few goodies!’

– Pre-p.C. Approximately 2 – 4 cookies in cellophane or sealed bag and place interior cup.
– Embellish with a gift tag and fabric ribbon around cellophane. (You can also write a message or recipient name on the mug).


“Milk Carton”

This is best for butter cookies or packaging cookies for youngsters. Either way, the milk carton makes a top notch packaging field.

– Wash and dry box before use. Carefully open the pinnacle with out tearing the card.

– Place cookies interior.

– Seal top with staples or strong sticky-tape. (Do not use glues as they’re unhygienic and not re-openable.

– Decorate outside with wrapping paper or fabric and ribbon.

If you are laptop savvy, you may create a milk carton label with recipient call, theme pics and colors to print and observe for your cookie carton!

Use one litre carton for giving to a whole family or a smaller carton for children or single recipients.

This is a first rate container for refrigerating your cookies also. Plus, the gain is that the design of the carton semi-closes on its own with the folding strategies incorporated.