La Fonera – The Best Little Router

Some of you may be familiar with Fon and the Fon movement. Fon is a company that sells (used to give em out without spending a dime) wi-fi routers for a pretty cheap rate. Catch is, you need to agree to proportion you net via the wireless network made via the Fon router. Thanks to the Open Source community, alternative firmware is to be had. Among the picks are DD-WRT, OpenWrt, and Legend that are all Linux primarily based. Although the flashing procedure is not clean, the payoff is worth it.

DD-WRT has a splendid interface which helps you to manage nearly each setting. Unlike the default firmware that does not even include static DHCP entries, DD-WRT unlocks a complete suite of network gear and capability. It additionally comes with ipkg, a bundle installer which makes putting in additional software a breeze. Speaking of additional software, aircrack-ng without delay got here to mind. Good aspect those muama ryoko review  new routers have an Atheros chipset in any other case packet injection might be useless. I established and gave the aircrack-ng suite a whirl. Sniffing labored high-quality, but injection became a specific tale. As quickly as I began sending packets, the console froze and the router rebooted. Unfortunately, DD-WRT did not have the patched Mad-Wifi drivers required through aircrack-ng

After some looking, I ran across Legend. This is a one of a kind firmware based totally at the OpenWrt platform, but it claimed to support aircrack-ng and blanketed patched Mad-Wifi drivers. I decided to provide it a attempt to I’m glad I did. Aircrack become already set up and proper to head after the flash. After jogging some assessments, I turned into able to faux associate and replay packets thru my home AP! Instead of the usage of the adapter that came with the Fonera, I modified it to acquire strength from a USB port. It might then be viable to hook up with the Fonera through the onboard ethernet port. I tried injection even as being wirelessly related simultaneously, but as soon as I started out the injection procedure, the router right away locked up. Oh well, I can nonetheless use the Fonera like an external wi-fi card to perform my pentesting, no longer to say it’s basically a totally primary, but portable Linux container!