Organizing a Golfing Fundraiser

The recession has hit various charity organizations hard. Obviously, when people don’t have enough money to live on and are losing their homes, they can’t afford to give money away. Other than just using the direct approach to solicitation, people are coming up with fun ways to interest others so that they fundraising golf tournaments  willingly spend money that can be donated to charities. Among these activities are carnivals, book fairs, rummage sales, selling coupon books, raffles, candy sales, and scratch cards. However, if you have great organizational and promotional skills, you may want to do a golf fundraiser to raise money for your favorite charity.

Why a golf fundraiser? You may be surprised at how many people enjoy playing in local golf tournaments, even people who live a long ways away. You can get the entire community involved, set up booths for selling food, drinks, and crafts, solicit prizes from the local merchants, and create a festive occasion that will draw far more participants than just golfers. You’ll get the spouses and children of the people in the tournament, people who are interested in looking through your craft fair, and people who just want to get out and be with other people. You’re sure to have a crowd all throughout the day, and the more people you attract, the more money you’ll take in.

Of course, you’re going to have to do a lot of advertising and get as much publicity as you can for your golf fundraiser before the actual event. You can make fliers to distribute around town, advertise in the local paper, appear on community segments on TV, and ask your pastor to announce that you’re sponsoring a charity event to the congregation. The more people you can reach, the more you’ll have show up. Make sure you publicize anything that will attract crowds, such as prizes, free sodas, or a celebrity guest if you have one. The community’s favorite son or daughter is always a good choice!

Of course, you don’t want to have to do all of the work yourself, so be sure to recruit friends and other members of your organization to help, and don’t be afraid to delegate a lot of the jobs to these people. You should appoint someone to handle each part of the organization, such as someone to buy the materials you will need, someone to do the publicity, someone to recruit vendors, someone to reserve the golf course, etc. If you try to do everything yourself, you’re only going to end up frustrated. Besides the more people you get involved, the more people they’ll tell about the big golf tournament fundraiser.